Use the INB® system and benefit from a reliable and mobile base with heavy duty certification.

Innovative sustainable building of today

In order to achieve a load-bearing and robust ground reinforcement, an intelligent load distribution is required. This is where the INB® system comes into play and also combines both top layer and base layer in one product.

The INB® system is not comparable with a conventional lawn grid plate. The INB® System slab weighs a full 7 kg and demonstrates its material value as well as extreme robustness. Since it can also be laid without a substructure, the ecologically revitalized soil structure is preserved and precipitation can continue to seep away.


Made from 100% recycled Material


Easily relocatable at any time

No soil sealing

no waterlogging - no mud

Cost savings

Less stormwater fees

Without substructure

The INB system can be laid without substructure


Promotes the natural water cycle

Load capacity
of the INB® system plate


The design of the base course is oriented towards the required payload and is subdivided by the following three construction methods:

Cars up to 3.5 t

- without base layer

Cars and the occasional heavy traffic

- 15-25 cm base layer

INB floor mounting for SLW 60 driveways (10-ton axle load)

- 20-30 cm base layer

The INB® system in use


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