Gardening and Landscaping

With the INB® system your garden gains character and functionality.

Discover the sustainable underground with character

The INB® Mudcontrol slabs are ideal for garden landscaping. The innovative system requires only a minimum of preparation and can be laid in a very short time. Complex paving work can thus be dispensed with and a highly resilient and individually designable landscape is created.


Made from 100% recycled Material

Cost savings

Less stormwater fees

No soil sealing

no waterlogging - no mud


Easily relocatable at any time

Without substructure

The INB system can be laid without substructure


Promotes the natural water cycle

- The Function

No soil sealing - no waterlogging
- kein Matsch!

The INB® system plate protects the soil and thus prevents compaction of the subsoil. Its function as a drainage plate is both simple and effective:
The excess water seeps into the soil below and is
diverted by the natural slope.
The stable connecting webs and the even load distribution makes a
substructure, up to a load weight of 3.5 tons, not mandatory.
A quick and easy surface mounting is guaranteed. 

The INB® system in use


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