INB® System

Bei der Auswahl unserer Mengenangaben handelt sich bei jeder Einheit um 1 m².

1 Einheit = 1 m²

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The original INB System requires no kind of Foundation for the traditional use (except for the SLW 60 use).

Different filling materials are used depending on the ground and requirements. We will be happy to advise you personally on this.

The system can be used without a tread layer, but we recommend integrating it to ensure the best possible application.

product information

INB stands for Innovative Nature friendly Biological fastening. This type of fastening is needed in many areas such as animal husbandry, gardening & landscaping and construction. The INB system is revolutionary because of its extremely high load-bearing capacity without the need for a substructure. The weight of 7 kg per panel is proof of high quality performance, which is also confirmed by the many certificates of the product.

  • 50 cm x 50 cm x 5.3 cm (WxLxH)*/**
  • 100% recycled plastic (dual system Germany)
  • Certified with Blue Angel, SWL 60, slip resistance, harmlessness
  • Installation in compound (see installation video under "Further information" on the right of the image).
  • Double nubbing on the surface
  • Can be laid on both sides (open or closed surface facing upwards)

Packaging units are for guidance only. There are no ordering requirements.
In the case of a product length of 200 cm will be Packed on double pallets.

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Made in germany

What is the INB® system suitable for?

Together for our planet

A word to sustainability

We care a lot about sustainable business, which is why our products are also Blue Angel certified. However, our desire is to improve our environment on a global level.
That is why we support together with the nature and species conservation organization
BOS Germany the reforestation of the Living Forest in Central Borneo, so that the continued existence of the orangutans as well as many other species can be secured.

You too can become a part of this project. With every order you automatically support the planting of a tree seedling in Borneo.


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