"Be loving to all that lives".

About us

In 2002 the company Horses Home was founded as a family business and since then it has been dealing with the distribution of equestrian products. Due to our more than 18 years of experience in the field of animal husbandry, we enjoy great trust from a wide range of animal owners and private customers.
Animals, especially horses, not only play a major role for us professionally, but also privately we like to have the fluffy four-legged friends around us. The comfort and welfare of animals are very close to our hearts, accordingly we advise our customers.
Friendly and respectful customer contact, comprehensive and competent service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These are attributes that we call our own and would like to maintain in the future. Passed down from generation to generation, our family business already unites three generations.
But not only you as a customer are in our focus, also the environmental protection as well as animal welfare are heard by us. As part of the recycling cycle, we also support a wide range of various associations through donations or by means of a close sales partnership. This has enabled us in recent years to support differentiated projects for the reforestation of the rainforest, the conservation of endangered species or humanitarian aid. Just as our products made from 100% recycled plastic are sustainable, we as a company would like to make our positive we as a company would like to make our positive and environmentally friendly contribution.

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Together for our planet

A word to sustainability

We care a lot about sustainable business, which is why our products are also Blue Angel certified. However, our desire is to improve our environment on a global level.
That is why we support together with the nature and species conservation organization
BOS Germany the reforestation of the Living Forest in Central Borneo, so that the continued existence of the orangutans as well as many other species can be secured.

You too can become a part of this project. With every order you automatically support the planting of a tree seedling in Borneo.